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          We were established in 2002 and we have 11 years of experience in the field of windows & doors. Our company hold the belief that customer and credit will always be our first concern. What is more, under the managing concept of striking for excellence, superior environment-friendly aluminum alloy sections and imported hardware accessories are chosen during our production process. The doors and windows products excel in quality such as good tightness, water tightness, soundproofing, moisture resistance, sunburnt resistance, wind pressure resistance and environmental pollution resistance; Meanwhile they have realized the perfect combination of pleasing shape and good protection function. Our products have reach the national standard of both quality and technique. Adhereing the principle of science and market orientation, We will always carry on the strict quality management system based on ISO9001 in order to offer you a modern, elegant and harmonious gate of homeland for you.
      As we say, seeking for proficiency, striking for excellence, we will try our best to achieve the win-win situation between ourselves and customers. We will continue the R&D work in order to satisfy different needs from different groups.
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