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    In the home decoration, there are many details are easily overlooked

    One is the theme of the living room wall is too complex. Thematic wall is the embodiment of the life and quality of the window, the design is too fancy, easy to give a person with artificial feeling;

    Two is the living room ceiling is too complicated. Ceiling design have always been good "Ningquewulan", don't forget to drop mainly to the actual functional division of the regional and expand space;

    The three is ignored and decorative exterior lighting. Visitors entrance is the first impression after the door, decorative and lighting here is not to be ignored;

    The four children of the housing color slants dark gray. The nature of children's strong interest in new things, to avoid cold tone too many appear in the children's room;

    The five is designed to ignore the kitchen. In recent years, more and more attention is paid to the design of kitchen and toilet, but also reflect the level of life and quality of life space.

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